Antiques Secrets trailer

In a world fast depleting its natural resources, it’s extraordinary to consider that antiques, once our most recycled treasures, are at their lowest prices in years and offer today the cheapest way to furnish your home. Whilst occasional pieces still fetch thousands, by learning a few trade secrets and exploring the fabulous collections we’re so lucky to have as a resource, we can inexpensively create a contemporary look using these heirlooms of the past. Our host Paul Martin is one of Britain’s best-known antique dealers and he exudes a passion for the past and the extraordinary furniture designs of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. This is a journey through Paul’s world of antiques, meeting the collectors and artisans, the dealers and experts whilst visiting the showrooms and auction houses that sell some of the finest antique furniture in the world too. We find out where the timbers came from, whether they were sourced globally or simply foraged from hedgerows and scraps of available wood and once created, for whom they were made. Surely, there’s a place for antiques in the modern home? Brown furniture is so affordable! Some say it’s even becoming trendy again! As our host guides us through some of Britain’s greatest collections and explores the backroads of Britain’s antique trade as we learn what to look for, what to buy and with a little knowledge and a keen eye, how you too can make a profit buying and selling antiques along the way!